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Initial meeting

To clearly understand your clients needs and to ask questions and determine if you and your client are compatible. It is the meeting of the minds and here we will discuss your likes, and dislikes. Showing photographs of any desired rooms, furniture treatments, color, which rooms to focus on. Some designers like to go thru a client’s clothes to pick up on their taste in fabrics and colors. This does set up a good picture of their style., whether its traditional or conservative, or unconventional. I think that interior design is an art of expression between you and your client. Your job is to be able to read them correctly and to be their ambassador of the job. The client and designer relationship and trust are utmost important to the job being completed to a superior level.

After the initial meeting, the client and I will either meet at the showrooms to bring samples home or select items online. As a designer of many years, I believe it is effective to bring selections to their home and they see it in their light.

Interior Design Hartford CT

Selection of furniture

Selection of furniture is a favorite part of the design process with clients. This is where they begin to see the ideas go from small samples of paper to actual ideas manifesting. I believe that this part of the design process is more about education on what their style may actually be. Many people have an idea but end up gravitating towards another style entirely. By being able to touch and feel a fabric sample in home, it will give you a better idea of how the piece will function within the grand scheme of your home. If you are looking to get a head start on your style, you can get inspiration by going to art shows, craft fairs, exhibits, reading magazines, going to showrooms etc.

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Floor Plans

Whether a client is redoing a new home or building a home from scratch, I am able to create floor plans from the start. This creates a much smoother process when picking out furniture and creating a timeline for the entire project. When starting by existing plans, the first step is to always double check that they are correct. This means measuring everything in the room. Window, door placement., room over the windows to determine the rod sizes, ceiling heights to determine the light fixture drop. Secondly, I will determine which way is north in the room to ensure the room has enough sunlight and determine the colors for the walls.

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The timing of a job is crucial to your success. Sometimes its beyond your control, however we typically budget in extra time in the beginning to make sure we have enough time. Lead times on products are very varied at this time, so planning out the project from large to small detail is essential as it keeps everything moving on time as expected. As the designer and project lead, it is my job to ensure the job keeps rolling along. A time line will be presented to you in our meetings so we can discuss clearly, how things will progress. By being transparent, focused, and honest, the jobs become much more organized.

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Project Manager

As project manager, I will oversee all aspects of your project. To organization of orders, paperwork, samples, schedules, budgets, and any changes that happen along the way. As project manager, paper work is keep to up to 10 years. By hiring myself to coordinate your project, I will have access to tradesmen who are invested in your project as well. Ordering products is not only about style but also about researching and understanding of how the product is made, what the material the product is made of, and any warranties. Workorders are an essential part of keeping a job going smoothly. A workorder is a document that outlines the work for a tradesmen to be done as far as fabric yardage, sample, type, and application. As your project manager, I will take care of all the work orders needed.

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Color Coordination

When starting a job, I ask client their favorite color. This does dictate a starting point. Usually this color will appear in various parts of the house. It creates a flow from room to room so the entire house has a cohesive feeling. By having years of experience, I have seen past colors reappear in different ways either greyer or browner. Every phase is different and am able to adapt with the current trends.