Floor Plans
It’s an important design process to allow you to visualize the entire room. It helps to determine the size of the proposed furniture in the space and all drawings are done with CAD in the usually ¼ inch scale.

Site Coordinator
I personally supervise the craftsman to ensure that our designs are properly executed. For example when installing stone tile in some cases the tile can look very different because they come from different dyelots. My job is to make sure that we have a tile sample of the current lot before starting the job to ensure no problems. Any possible issues are dealt with at the time of installation.

Color Coordination
Color Coordination is very important to ensure that the room is tied together. For example when ordering paint it is checked against an approved sample. I make sure that the colors in a room work together and create the right energy and flow.

Attention to detail with submitting orders is crucial to make sure that a job’s materials and furnishings are delivered to your residents at the appropriate phase of the redesign process. All discrepancies will be handled by myself and the manufactures.

Specialized Custom Services
I use skilled craftsmen for all parts of the work done on your home. I personally make sure that every part of your home’s design is custom and unique. This will truly make your home exactly what you envisioned. All the workrooms and fabricators I use can accommodate any desired custom work.